The Moment of Challenge

Helping those we disciple see and embrace situations that require steps of faith. 

The journey of following Jesus is a journey of faith.  If faith is never needed or steps of faith are never taken, then we may not be following Jesus.  It is inevitable that there will be moments when God is asking us to do something hard where the outcome is unknown.

Left to ourselves, we may never see the possible steps of faith or be too afraid to take the step.  

In making disciples we must be watching for opportunities that the Spirit orchestrates and then lead those we disciple to step into experiences where their faith will be stretched, their fears overcome, and their worship of Jesus taken to new depths.

A great example of this is found in Matthew 14:22-33 when Jesus walks on water and invites Peter to do the same.

Observations and Applications from the Story

1) Jesus was intentional: He MADE the disciples get in the boat. He saw the opportunity a lead the disciples towards it.

Part of our responsibility in disciple making is helping people see and take steps of faith.

2) Jesus stayed behind to be alone: He did not get in the boat with the disciples. He was alone, they were alone. 

Sometimes the best thing for those that you disciple is for you to stay behind.

3) The disciples were in the midst of the storm without Jesus, their discipler.

4) Jesus came out to them when the disciples needed Him.

Even though we may stay behind, we should still remain observant and ready to help.

5) Even though He came to them, He used the opportunity to push them further in their faith.

We don’t need to automatically play the role of rescuer but sometimes challenge them to go farther. 

6) Jesus spoke to the reality of their fear that could hinder their faith.

One of the central roles of the discipler is to help those you are disciplng to overcome fear. Fear may be the greatest enemy of faith so we need to be encouragers and challengers in moments of fear.

7) Peter responded to Jesus’ presence by asking him to prove himself.

We cannot be surprised when those we are discipling raise serious questions about God in the midst of steps of faith. 

8) Jesus responded. “come” 

Help people hear, recognize and respond to God’s voice in challenging steps of faith.

9) Jesus saw Peter and heard Peter’s cry for help and didn’t let him drown.

10) The response of Jesus in their small faith caused them to see Him deeper and led them to worship Him.

As people you are discipling step out on faith, point them to see and worship God in that moment. 

Never forget that our job is not to “invent” random experiences that we think are good. It is our job to listen and watch for where the Holy Spirit is moving in their lives and help them embrace His movement as much as possible.

Here are a few thoughts and questions to help people see and take steps of faith.

  • “I could see God doing  _______ through you.  What do you think?” 
  • Is there something God keeps bringing up in His Word for you to do that you have not done?
  • What have you done with what God has told you lately?
  • What keeps you from taking steps of faith? Is there a fear that you have not been able to conquer?
  • How would you feel if you did not take this step of faith?
  • What do those around you say about the possibility of taking this step?

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