The Moment of Empowerment

As I close out this series on God Moments, it is good to go back and remember the point of all of this.  It is to make disciples, followers of Jesus.  The goal is not to help someone have a better life, change a behavior, increase their self esteem, etc.. Those are good things, but they are not the ultimate goal. 

It is also important to remember that to help someone recognize and embrace these God moments, we must be in close relationship with them.  Without a growing relationship of trust and intimacy, it is nearly impossible to help someone see how God is working in their life.  

This brings us to the final God Moment, The Moment of Empowerment. This is when we help them and release them to go out and impact the world. 

Empower (v)to give someone the authority or power to do something; to enable someone to do; to make someone stronger and more confident.

If you want the people you disciple to experience God the most then you must direct them to a place where they can impact the world.

There they stood in Matthew 28:16-20 on the side of that hill when Jesus gave the command, “Go and make disciples.” As He said those words I wonder what came into their minds. Maybe they reflected on all they had seen and experienced with Jesus. Perhaps they thought back on meeting Him, getting to know Him, watching Him, listening to Him, seeing Him multiply the fish and bread, watching Him walking on water, realizing that He is the Son of God, seeing Him transformed on the mountain, hearing the Father speak to Him, being told He would be betrayed, watching Him in the garden cry out to the Father, experiencing the cross, and seeing the miracle of the resurrection.  

 In all that they thought about, I am sure they realized how much they had been loved and believed in by their friend, Jesus.

He loved them with everything He had and they had deeply internalized His message. Now it was time for Him to leave and for the disciples to “Go” and do for others what He had done for them.

Earlier, in Matthew 9 and 10, Jesus gave them a taste of what it was like to be empowered. 

Here are a few things I see in those chapters that can help us as we empower others. 

1. Vision – 9:37-38 – Helping them see present reality and a preferred future.

2. Permission – 10:1 – You have been watching, now I want you to go and do.

3. Boundaries – 10:5-6 – Work within these parameters; parameters give the freedom for power.

4. Information – 10:7-15 – Here is everything you need to know to succeed.

5. Honesty – 10:16-25 – I know it is going to be hard, but you can make it through.

6. A Kingdom Focus – 10:26-31 – Remember this is about God and He values you.

As disciplers, we need to remember that it is about Jesus and His Kingdom. I know that all of you have everything you need in Christ to empower people to live for Him. 

I pray that we would all be intentional and love people well; humbly making disciples of Jesus Christ.

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