Spending Time With God

This summer I have been having great conversations with one of my kids about spiritual things, We have set aside a time every week for the two of us to get away and just talk. It has been really good. In an attempt to help my kids, I decided to type out what my daily time with God involves. As I told them, this is just a guide not THE way it has to be done. As they are spending time with God they will discover rhythms that work for them.

Below is what I gave them. It’s nothing innovative, It is just what I do.


It is about having an ongoing conversation with God so that I can love Him and others better.

Getting Ready:

Set a time and place. (Most of the time for me it is right when I wake up and in my recliner or in the den)

Have your Bible and Pen.

Remove things that you know will distract you.

I  like to have a journal/pad of paper to write down any thoughts.

Know what you will read.I suggest starting with the Gospel of John.  Reading either a chapter or section at a time.


  • I always ask God to help me have a clear mind so I can focus.  
  • I ask God to help me spend time with Him.
  • I confess any sins that I know I’ve done.  I am very specific.  I ask for forgiveness and help.
  • I also ask for His help in allowing Him to have control of my life.
  • I typically thank Him for how much He loves and tell Him that I love Him.
  • Then if there are any things I am worried about, things I need, etc. I just talk to Him about it and ask for His help.
  • I usually pray for everyone in our family and a couple of specific people each day as well.

Read: Reading the BIble is NOT about figuring everything out.  It is about listening to God. It is totally normal to have questions and not have answers about what things mean. Your job is not to master the Bible but to submit to it and listen so that you can get to know God better and grow as a disciple.

  • When I read I go slow. Sometimes I read the passage twice.  If a verse really sticks out to me I will stop and just think about it and ask God to help me understand what He is trying to say.
  • I ask God to help me understand and live by His word.
  • I look for things in the passage that: 1) Show me something about God (Father, Son or Holy Spirit) 2) I need to be taught about following Him. (something I need to do, example I should follow, more sin I need to confess, something I need to ask help with, etc.)

After I have read, I think for just a minute about what I’ve read and ask God to help me remember it throughout the day. Always remember that spending time with God is about building the relationship.  He is with you.  You are with Him.

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